El Matador
The El Matador is a new addition to the Deep Sea Charter’s family last season. She’s a roomy 60’ triple diesel with plenty of deck space to give you a lot of fishing room. She can carry 22 passengers for day trips. Marty and the crew will be fishing for rock fish, ling cod, halibut, salmon and albacore tuna. Come on down for a great adventure. Marty Rogers is the owner/skipper of the El Matador. He began his journey fishing with his father and brother back in the late 60’s. As a young boy growing up, he spent his summers deck handing and dreaming of the day he would own his own charter boat. Marty bought his first boat in 1991. As a father of four children (at that time), he enjoyed many years of fishing. Marty put his love of chartering on hold for a while, but is now back with the Deep Sea Charter’s fleet

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