Check in at the office 15-30 minutes prior to the designated departure time. You will be directed to the boat from there. Boarding time is listed on your confirmation letter and varies for each type of fishery. Arrive at the office promptly for check in, this allows you to check in, buy a derby ticket or fishing license (if needed) and head to the boat.
NOTE: Two-day and 1.5-day Tuna trips depart the evening before the scheduled fishing day.
One-day Tuna trips meet at the boat at 2a.m, check in is done via phone prior to trip.

Return time varies per trip type. Posted “return” times are not absolute. Many times, you’ll be in much sooner. There are many factors that come into play when determining return back to port.  Such as the number of fishermen on board, the catch rate for the day, the distance to the fish as well as weather conditions.

Check out our Trip Types page for more details on your specific trip.   

Dress in layers. Even the sunniest day on the ocean can bring a crisp wind or turn to rain. You can always take clothes off, but you can only wear what you bring. Gloves, face coverings, sunglasses, sunscreen are just a few items you may want to remember.

Rain gear is important. Wear waterproof boots. Wet feet for 12 hours hardly make for an enjoyable day. Even if the forecast doesn’t call for rain, light rain gear is always good to have on hand. Open toe shoes are NOT recommended.

Note: Overnight Tuna Trips are much like a rustic camping trip on the water.  Bring a sleeping bag, pillow and enough food to sustain you for the time frame you’re out there.  

Food & water. A long day on the water can drum up a bit of an appetite, keep the meals simple so when the bite is on, you’re ready to reel. Boats are limited with accommodations, water and coffee is available but not all have microwaves or a means to heat food up. Small hand coolers are great. If you’re with a group, plan a way to put all your daily food/water/drink into reasonably sized carriers. This helps to eliminate clutter and keeps our deck space clear for fishing.

We offer a one-day charter fishing license available in the office for $10. This is a one-day license for the charter trip only. It’s a great option if you are from out of state or just need one for the charter.  Catch record cards are available on the boat.

Halibut fishing requires a specific tag be sure to inquire about this if you are buying a salt water license for Halibut.  WDFW provides all the information you need for what is required for your trip, double check with them to see if there are a change in requirements.

Being a member of Westport Charterboat Association allows us to participate in the daily derby contest. Tickets must be purchased PRIOR to fishing in order to qualify. Every person must hold their own ticket – they cannot be shared. 

In 2023, derby cost is $5 for Ling cod or Salmon and $10 for Halibut/Lingcod combo.

If you get a large fish, the captain must sign the ticket and then take both, fish & ticket, to the derby booth for weighing. You’ll also get your photo taken.

Prizes can be a daily prize, weekly prize and end of season prize – sometimes you can win all of these! (Depends on date).  A link to the Westport Weighmaster can be found on our website, front page.

As a rule, deckhands on board will fillet rockfish, lingcod, halibut and tuna for a nominal fee. Varies by boat.  Please have cash on hand to pay the deckhand for these fees. If you want to take your fish home whole be sure to let the deckhands know promptly.

Even the most seasoned fisherman can experience sea sickness.  Most people take an over-the counter remedy, there are also natural remedies available (such as ginger) as well as a prescription patch that can be very helpful.  A few helpful hints when it comes to avoiding the wrath of sea sickness. Note: we carry remedies in our office, as well.

  • Cast off well-rested and nourished.  Avoid greasy foods.
  • Arrive sober. 
  • If being in an enclosed cabin starts to make you feel queasy, get back out into the fresh air.


Cancellation Policy


If for any reason someone in your party cannot keep their reservation, please let us know within 72 hours of departure (30 days for Halibut and 60 days for Tuna), and their deposit will be refunded less a 10% cancellation fee. If you cancel late, there is no refund unless we can get the spot(s) refilled.

A late cancellation or a NO SHOW on a gift certificate reservation voids the gift certificate. If we cancel your trip due to weather or other reasons beyond our control, we will gladly refund your money in full or issue rain checks for another date. We reserve the right to charge customer’s credit cards for any fees left owing at the end of your trip. Prices are subject to change at any time.

Unfortunately, we can only guarantee the “opportunity” to catch fish. Somedays the fish just don’t cooperate, luckily, it’s not a common occurrence. Anglers are typically very pleased with their daily catch.

We prefer a minimum age of at least 7 with some “on the water” experience.  Sea sickness can be very hard on the little ones and of course we want to ensure they have an enjoyable experience.  Note: 14 and younger does not require a fishing license

Lingcod, Rockfish, Albacore Tuna, Halibut, Dungeness crab.  Sometimes we catch other species too!  Sometimes we can keep them, other times they are returned to sea to live another day. 

Some fisheries like Halibut and deep water Ling cod bottom fishing trips require a fishing rotation to avoid lines being tangled. This means only a certain amount of lines in the water at a time.  Not all vessels do this but for some it is necessary to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to land their fish.

There are 3 lots of free parking just around the block from us.  Street parking is limited to 3 hours.